2/3/20 🌞 CHI 2020 🌞

We’re super excited about CHI 2020 in Hawai! We have 4 papers at the conference and are also participating in some workshops.

Full Papers

  • Acoustic transparency and the changing soundscape of auditory mixed reality (enlighten) (preprint) (video at end)
    • Mark McGill, David McGookin, Graham Wilson, Stephen Brewster


Extended Abstracts / LBWs

  • Avoiding Collisions when Interacting with Levitating Particle (enlighten)
    • Maxime Reynal, Euan Freeman, Stephen Brewster
  • RubikAuth: Fast and Secure Authentication in Virtual Reality (enlighten) (preprint) (video at end)
    • Florian Mathis, John H. Williamson, Kami Vaniea, Mohamed Khamis
  • Knowledge-driven Biometric Authentication in Virtual Reality (enlighten) (preprint)
    • Florian Mathis, Hassan Ismail Fawaz, Mohamed Khamis