Ben Shneiderman GIST seminar – 13/06/13

Information Visualization for Knowledge Discovery

When: 13/06/13 16:00
Where: Boyd Orr 407

Interactive information visualization tools provide researchers with remarkable capabilities to support discovery. These telescopes for high-dimensional data combine powerful statistical methods with user-controlled interfaces. Users can begin with an overview, zoom in on areas of interest, filter out unwanted items, and then click for details-on-demand. With careful design and efficient algorithms, the dynamic queries approach to data exploration can provide 100msec updates even for million-item visualizations that can represent billion-record databases.

This talk reviews the growing commercial success stories such as, and, plus emerging products such as will be covered.

The central theme is the integration of statistics with visualization as applied for time series data such as ( ), temporal event sequences such as electronic health records (, and social network data ( and