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20/7/15 MIG at AutomotiveUI 2015

We have two full papers at Automotive UI in September, which Ioannis will be attending. He is also on the organising committee of the 3rd Workshop on the UX of Autonomous Driving. See you in Nottingham in a few weeks!

  • I. Politis, S. Brewster and F. Pollick: Language-Based Multimodal Displays for the Handover of Control in Autonomous Cars. To appear in Proceedings of AutomotiveUI ’15, ACM Press, 2015.
  • L. Shim, P. Liu, I. Politis, P. Regener, S. Brewster and F. Pollick: Evaluating Multimodal Driver Displays of Varying Urgency for
    Drivers on the Autistic Spectrum. To appear in Proceedings of AutomotiveUI ’15, ACM Press, 2015.