10/1/17 CHI 2017 Papers

We are pleased to announce that we have had five full papers accepted to CHI 2017:

  • Audible Beacons and Wearables in Schools: Helping Young Visually Impaired Children Play and Move Independently.
    • Euan Freeman, Graham Wilson, Stephen Brewster, Gabriel Baud-Bovy, Charlotte Magnusson, and Hector Caltenco
    • From the ABBI project
  • Multi-moji: Combining Thermal, Vibrotactile & Visual Stimuli to Expand the Affective Range of Feedback.
    • Graham Wilson and Stephen Brewster
  • An Evaluation of Input Controls for In-Car Interactions.
    • Alexander Ng, Stephen Brewster, Frank Beruscha, and Wolfgang Krautter
    • From the HAPPINESS project
  • I Am The Passenger: How Visual Motion Cues Can Influence Sickness For In-Car VR.
    • Mark McGill, Alexander Ng, and Stephen Brewster
  • ForgetMeNot: Active Reminder Entry Support for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury.
    • Matthew Jamieson, Brian O’Neill, Breda Cullen, Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Stephen Brewster, and Jonathan Evans

Mark McGill will also be presenting an ACM TOCHI article at CHI. More details about this will be added soon.