In-Car Haptic Interaction

This project, which is funded by Jaguar Land Rover and the EPRSC, investigates haptic interaction in cars. Haptic interactions are those that you can feel, through tactile stimulation or proprioception.

In modern cars, most of the information is presented to the driver in visual form, frequently on the centre console, but taking the visual attention off the road contributes to crashes and near-crash incidents. Auditory feedback is often described as disruptive during conversations. Haptic feedback can be presented unobtrusively and can increase reaction times, especially when used with other feedback modalities. In this project, we focus on finding new ways of interacting in the car with the sense of touch. More precisely, thermal feedback is investigated. Vibration can be hard to use due to the natural vibration of the car during driving and because the source of the vibration can be hard to pinpoint on a steering wheel. Thermal interaction does not share this disadvantage.