Stephen Brewster

I lead the Multimodal Interaction group, part of GIST. My research focuses on using multiple sensory modalities and control mechanisms (particularly hearing, touch and gesture) to create a rich, natural interaction between human and computer. My work has a strong experimental focus, applying perceptual research to practical situations.


Dong-Bach Vo

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Human-Computer Interaction. I am mainly interested in gestural interaction. My Phd has focused on designing and evaluating new gestural interaction techniques in different contexts, such as in the living room or in situation of mobility, using remote controls or on-body interaction. My current research investigates the design and the evaluation of haptic feedback for mid-air hands free gestures.

Mark McGill

I'm a Research Fellow, focusing on VR/AR/MR. I've done research on shared mixed reality experiences and interfaces, mixed reality productivity, passenger VR and multi-user TV, with a focus on the weird and wonderful of new classes of display.

Gözel Shakeri

I am a post-doctoral researcher on the RadioMe project. The aim of the RadioMe project is to help people with dementia have better quality of life in their own homes by supporting them with smart technology.

Alexander Ng

I'm a postdoctoral research assistant working on the HAPPINESS project. I'm currently evaluating different input techniques with haptic feedback for in-car touchscreens and touch surfaces.

Maxime Reynal

I am a Research Associate (postdoc) in Human-Computer Interaction. My topics are more or less related to acoustic levitation, non-visual interaction, and haptics. I'm currently focused on interaction for physical displays (see and More specifically, I'm working on how to bypass hardware-specific constraints when interacting with ultrasound levitation displays. Before integrating MIG team, I worked on multimodal techniques for Air Traffic Controllers in Remote Tower environments. I used spatial sound, vibrotactile feedback and gestures to help to locate aircraft in airport vicinity under severely degraded visibility conditions.

Gang Li

I am a research associate. My background is biomedical electronic engineering, but I decided to migrate to cognitive aspect of consumer-friendly head-mounted virtual reality as soon as possible ūüôā Feels so good on the road to research on VR-induced brain activites.


Rui Huan

My PhD research is to estimate child engagement in psychological story stems by measuring their attentional behaviours. I am investigating a variety of technologies (e.g. eye-tracking and body posture detecting) to measure whether children are engaged in story stems.

Jamie Ferguson

My research focuses on sonification for experience and education - primarily geared toward astronomy. I am interested in applying ideas and methods from perception, psychophysics and acoustics research to create effective sonification techniques. I am currently working on evaluating sonification methods for allowing visually impaired students to analyse data from robotic telescopes.

Patrizia Di Campli San Vito

I'm a PhD student doing research on thermal interaction in a car. I finished my BSc and MSc in Media Informatics at the University of Ulm in Germany and started my PhD in 2016. I am working with Jaguar Land Rover, being funded by them through an EPSRC iCase award. More information on the project can be found through the website link.

Alberto Gonz√°lez Olmos

Aris Malapaschas

I am doing my PhD in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Glasgow. My research is on Assistive Technologies for young people with Acquired Brain Injury. I am focusing on voice-operated technologies that can facilitate the rehabilitation process of people with ABI and the communication between them and their care providers. I am also an Early Stage Researcher at the TEAM Innovation Training Network.

Yosuef Alotaibi

I am a PhD student doing research in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Glasgow. My research is on Electrotactile feedback with the focus on in-car haptics.

Shaun Macdonald

I am currently research Affective Haptics using novel Vibrotactile and Thermotactile stimuli, with the aim of creating discrete, calming and pleasant interactions to bring comfort to people with social anxiety undergoing exposure. Degree: Graduated from The University of Glasgow with a 2:1 BSc(Hons) in Computing Science in 2018. Office: Lilybank Gardens F141

Mengsa Xie

Laura Bajorunaite

I am a PhD student doing research on social acceptability of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies in travelling contexts as part of the Viajero Project. I have completed my MSc in Human-Computer Interaction with distinction at Nottingham University in 2018. Since then I have worked as a module tutor and a research assistant at Nottingham University and started my PhD in Glasgow in 2019.

Florian Mathis

I am doing a Research PhD in Human-Computer Interaction with a focus on Usable Privacy and Security. The objective of my PhD is to investigate the suitability of Virtual Reality as a test-bed for usability, security, and privacy evaluations. I am part o the Glasgow Interactive SysTems (GIST) research section and the  Edinburgh Technology Usability Lab in Privacy and Security (TULiPS).

Past Members


  • Ashley Walker – Ashley¬†worked on 3D sound and its use in HCI, games sound and the combination¬†of 3D sound and graphics
  • Gregory Leplatre¬†– Gregory worked on sound design for navigation in large menu structures¬†like mobile telephones. He works at Edinburgh Napier University.
  • Antti Pirhohen – Antti was a visiting researcher from July 2000 –¬†July 2001. He is now at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland.
  • Ramesh Ramloll –¬†He worked on the MultiVis project on audio and 3D audio interfaces for¬†blind people.
  • Murray Crease –¬†Murray worked on the Toolkit project using sound to improve the usability¬†of widgets, plus context and resource sensitivity. He now works for¬†NRC in Canada.
  • Ray Wai Yu – Ray worked on¬†haptic and multimodal interfaces in the MultiVis¬†project and has now moved to the Virtual Engineering Centre in Queens¬†Belfast.
  • Ian Oakley – He worked on haptic¬†enhancement of desktop interfaces and collaborative haptics for his¬†PhD. He now works for Media Lab Europe in Dublin.
  • Jo Lumsden – Jo worked on the¬†Toolkit project and then moved on to audio and gestures for mobile devices¬†(in a forerunner of the AudioClouds project). She now works for NRC¬†in Canada.
  • Beate Riedel worked on the¬†MultiVis project with Mike Burton in Psychology.
  • Joy Goodman worked¬†on the Utopia project designing systems for older people. She now works¬†at the Engineering Design Centre in Cambridge.
  • Georgios Marentakis now works on audio and gesture interfaces at McGill University in Canada.
  • Lorna Brown now works at Sony in London.
  • Steven Wall now works for Amberlight in London.
  • Sarah Baillie now works at Bristol University.
  • Johan Kildal now works on multimodal interaction at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Eve Hoggan now works at HIIT in Helsinki
  • Tilman Dingler now works in the Stuttgart
  • Craig Stewart now works at Dundee University
  • Calkin Suero-Montero work in Finland
  • Andrew Crossan is a lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Martin Halvey is a lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University
  • David McGookin worked on all things multimodal
  • Ciaran Owens worked on pedestrian navigation and errors
  • Topi Kaaresoja works at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki, Finland
  • Julie Williamson is now a lecturer at University of Glasgow
  • Marilyn McGee Lennon now works at Strathclyde University
  • Graham Wilson now works at Strathclyde University
  • Euan Freeman is now a lecturer at University of Glasgow