PhD Scholarships at the University of Glasgow – Reminder to apply by 31 Jan 2021

17 funded PhD studentships are available at the University of Glasgow for starting in October 2021. Applications in the areas of HCI, Usable Security and Privacy, Mixed/Virtual/Augmented Reality, Human-Robot Interaction and more HCI-related fields are welcome (details below).  

Please find below a list of Available supervisors in HCI and their research areas: 
* Prof Stephen Brewster ( Multimodal Interaction, MR/AR/VR, Haptic feedback. Email:

* Prof Matthew Chalmers ( mobile and ubiquitous computing, focusing on ethical systems design and healthcare applications. Email:

* Prof Alessandro Vinciarelli ( Social Signal Processing. Email:

* Dr Mary Ellen Foster ( Social Robotics, Conversational Interaction, Natural Language Generation. Email:

* Dr Euan Freeman ( Interaction Techniques, Haptics, Mid-Air Gestures, Mobile HCI. Email:

* Dr Fani Deligianni ( Characterising uncertainty, eye-tracking, EEG, bimanual teleoperations. Email:

* Dr Helen C. Purchase ( Visual Communication, Information Visualisation, Visual Aesthetics. Email:

* Dr John Williamson ( Probabilistic user interfaces, Bayesian interaction, motion correlation interfaces, rich and robust human sensing systems. Email:

* Dr Mohamed Khamis ( Human-centered Security, Privacy, Usable Security in Mixed/Virtual/Augmented reality, Eye Tracking and Gaze-based Interaction. Email:

* Dr Julie Williamson ( MR/AR/VR, Performative interaction, social acceptability, spectatorship. Email: 

* Dr Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas ( Animal-Computer Interaction. Email:

* Dr Mark McGill ( Mixed Reality (VR/AR) productivity, passenger usage, shared/social experiences, accessibility and enhanced perception.

The closing date for applications is 31 January 2021.  For more information about how to apply, see<>.  This web page includes information about the research proposal, which is required as part of your application. 

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact a potential supervisor and discuss an application before the submission deadline.