EU and UK Funded Projects

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The Levitate project is investigating a radical new way of interacting with data by using levitating particles to create a mid-air display. Users will be able see, hear and feel objects that levitate in front of them, without having to wear ...
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TEAM (Technology Enabled Mental Health for Young People) is a 4 year Innovation Training Network (ITN) that focuses on the design, development and evaluation of new technology-enabled mental health services for young people. The overall objective is to train a ...
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The PRESTIGE project is an EU H2020 collaboration between 16 partners developing novel printed sensing, actuation and construction materials (electroactive fluorinated polymers, photoactive materials, electroactive organic moeities, fluorinated relaxor terpolymers, tailor-made polymers for overmoulding and organo-mineral coating), integrating them into ...
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Industry Funded Projects

Other Projects

Please see this page for information on completed projects.