Dallas Project

The dallas (Demonstrating Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale) Programme is a £37 million 3 year project funded by TSB (Technology Strategy Board) and National Institute of Research (NIHR) and Scottish Government.

dallas tasks four  consortia with delivering this programme  across communities throughout the UK to positively impact on the lives of 169,000 people by June 2015. The aim of the dallas programme is to think beyond traditional health and social care to consider how new ideas and technology can be used to improve the way people live.

The four communities (IFocus, Living it Up (LiU), More Independent (Mi) and Year Zero) will demonstrate how innovative technologies and services can be used to promote well-being and provide top quality health and care, enabling people to live independently and to expect a better future.   Working with existing statutory health and social care provision the redesign of services will encourage individuals to own the management of their health and lifestyles, but with support from the wider community, health professionals and their families.

The University of Glasgow are leading the evaluation (impact on individuals and care systems) of the entire dallas programme along with DataBuild who are conducting an economic evaluation.